What is Glasp?

Glasp is a social web highlighter that people can use to highlight and organize quotes and ideas from the web without switching back and forth between screens and access other like-minded people’s learning simultaneously. Leave your digital legacy for humanity, while working for yourself 📚✨

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Why are we building Glasp?

  • Mission: To democratize access to other people’s learning and experiences that they have collected throughout their lives as a utilitarian legacy. As Glasp stands for "Greatest Legacy Accumulated as Shared Proof", we want to visualize your contribution to human knowledge history.

  • Vision: To provide access to the highlighted world’s information in one click.

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Co-founder and PM at Glasp in San Francisco.
Learn in Public, Open-source Your Knowledge 🌱 Knowledge is valuable when it's shared 💎 | side: YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, #DALLEdle